Engineered to Win

It’s time….

….to ship the car to Australia!

All of the graded competition documents have been submitted! On Monday, the team will be traveling to Craters and Freighters in Kansas City, MO to get the car crated in preparation for FSAE-Australasia! That means this weekend will include a lot of packing and cleaning the car to make sure it passes customs with ease. Then, the car will be placed in the hands of the folks at SEKO Logistics where the car will begin its journey to the land down under! We can’t wait to see what’s in store when we get to Australia in December! Remember that if you’d like to make a donation to the team (we still need about $9,000 to get to Australia), you can do so here!

As for progress on the new car, she officially has a name! After registering for Michigan last week, Car X is now officially Car 087! Car 087’s frame is progressing nicely, and the team is on track to complete its remaining design deadlines! With most of the design work complete, the team has started manufacturing the brake rotors and other components that can easily be made before the entire car is designed. Concurrently designing and manufacturing a new car while preparing Car 030 to travel to Australia has certainly been a challenge, but we are sure the reward will be much greater!

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