Engineered to Win

Australia – Day 1

Hello Mizzou Racing fans!

I apologize in advance for the short post – we are just going to bed now and have to be out the door in six hours! So if you think we’re on vacation, just know we’re sleeping as little as we usually do during the school year!

Day one was certainly busy. We woke up and headed to the nearest McDonald’s (there aren’t many restaurants around) and ordered “brekkie” from some really neat touch screen machines. We didn’t even have to talk to a cashier! Things we definitely don’t utilize in America.

After that, we headed to Swinburne to start assembling the car. We arrived around 11am Melbourne time and got right to work! The assembly process was smooth. The biggest issue we faced was locating the consumables we were not allowed to ship with the car. Brake fluid, axle grease, oil, etc. We have been seeing the city and traveling via public transport so far, so a special shoutout goes to those who traveled the area locating these things for the team (and Nate especially for that data plan – clutch). We definitely had to do some (redneck) engineering to compensate for things we didn’t have, but in the end, it all came together.

The assembly process ended around 10pm, when Swinburne and Waikato University students joined us outside the EV Lab doors to see the car’s first start since shipment! It took two tries, but it fired up without much hassle!

Tomorrow is a track day, where we will go to Oakleigh and practice at that track. We hope to get the car set up and some quality seat time for the drivers so they’re ready for competition!

PS: there is a disappointing absence of marsupials in Melbourne and we want kangaroos! Maybe an adventure for some time that isn’t almost 2am. Photos and videos to come tomorrow night!

See you tomorrow!

– The team