Engineered to Win

A New Semester is Here

Hello Mizzou Racing fans, and welcome to the 2015-2016 competition season!

Work on CarX is in full swing, while work on Car 30 continues! In just a few short weeks, Car 30 will be on its way to Australia for FSAE Australasia December 10-13, 2015! We can’t wait to get to Melbourne, but there’s still a lot to do before we get there! (And by a lot, we mean at least $12,000 stands in our way….you can donate HERE!)

As for CarX, we’ve made a lot of progress so far! Michigan and Lincoln provided great data for validation, and we had the opportunity to improve our designs in the process. Currently, the team is working on manufacturing the chassis for CarX on a jig that’s set up in the weld shop. This will allow the chassis to be built to exact specifications, which will hopefully work out some of Car 30’s handling issues! Meanwhile, the aerodynamics team is working on redesigning the undertray and optimizing the new aerodynamics package. The team design deadline for Brakes is coming up soon as well, so we are looking forward to seeing what team member Danny Radomski can come up with!

We’d also like to say a special thanks to the Boy Scouts of America for allowing us to teach their automotive merit badge this past weekend! We hope to see you again soon!